Thorbjørnrud Catering


It is always nice to see you at the hotel, but we can also deliver our food to where you are! We offer everything from traditional sandwiches, cold buffet and tapas to overtime food and fancy dinners. We also serve bigger events with chefs and waiters, where we take responsibility from everything. Do not hesitate to ask for references!

A taste of Hadeland's beautiful cultural landscape
At Thorbjørnrud we are self-sufficient with meat and milk from our own farm, Øvre Kjekshus. In the hotel garden we grow vegetables, fruits and herbs. We make our own sausages, ham and pates, and in the hotel’s cheese factory, we make tasty cheeses and other dairy products.

From soil to table
Handling production from soil to table gives us the opportunity for planning and thinking long-term; on animal selection, animal welfare, sustainability and optimal utilization of raw materials. This obviously characterizes our menus, which are naturally inspired by the season.

Business lunch, overtime food and parties
Good food will heighten any occasion. Wouldn’t you say meetings are a little nicer when the lunch exceeds expectations? Overtime hours become a little more productive with a good dinner? And is it not a little easier to arrange a party when you know that the food takes care of itself and tastes great? Contact us and see what we can offer.



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