Cooking classes

Cooking classes

At Thorbjørnrud we offer a variety of food courses, tastings and lectures related to food and Norwegian food culture. For example, you can learn to cook pizza or make your own sausages, taste your way through basic beer theory, take a dip in the cheese pool, overcome the mystery of bread baking - or make traditional Christmas food that you can take home and serve the family.

Food course for everyone
Our food courses are for ordinary people who think food is fun. Thorbjørnrud is about food pleasure and we want it to be easy to join us. Whether you want to acquire some basic new skills, already are a real foodie or just want a nice experience with good friends, you are most welcome. We use our own raw materials in all courses, and the activities are following the season.

Combine the courses with local fun
We recommend all our guests to put in a few breaks while cooking and go out in the garden to enjoy refreshments, explore the art at the hotel, play some football or visit local attractions such as Hadeland Glassverk and the Kistefos Museum.

All day course or combination of courses
We arrange open courses throughout the year where you can sign up as an individual. Otherwise, our courses are for groups of at least 8 people. As a group, you can choose an all day course, which takes 4-5 hours, or fill the day with one or several of our shorter courses, tastings or lectures. Here are examples of how a day of courses at Thorbjørnrud can look like.

Course, 1 - 1.5 hours
Sausages • Pizza • Mince & Pies • Make your own bacon • Soups • Sauces • Flavouring of sauces, soups and dressings • Juicing & Jam • Salads • Pies • Bread baking • Barbecue • Power cooker

Course, 2 hours
Brewing of beer

All day course, approximately 4-5 hours
Christmas dinner • Slow-cooked meat • Sous-vide

Tasting, approximately 1 hour
Beer tasting • Wine tasting • Cheese tasting

Lecture, approximately 1 hour
"Why should the cow be from the neighbourhood?"
"Meal as tradition"
"Local food and far off living"

Organized activities, approximately 1 hour
We paint fruits and vegetables
Photography in the garden

* Subject to change


The hosts
Hotel owner and farmer at Øvre Kjekshus, Olav Lie-Nilsen, is a sought after lecturer who has a lot to say about animal welfare, living cultural landscapes and sustainable food production. Courses and tastings will also be held by our excellent chefs and the rest of the dedicated hosts at Thorbjørnrud.


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