Thorbjørnrud is a lovely place for weddings and parties. We are also more than happy to host less solemn celebrations, bigger dinners or a long-awaited party!

Picnics and barbecues
The possibilities are many at Thorbjørnrud. How about arranging a picnic in the garden, or a French backyard party with a barbecue?We like to think outside the box and deliver the details that make the experience extra special, so feel free to call us to discuss your ideas.

Christmas party
A Christmas party at Thorbjørnrud is legendary, and the traditional “ribbe” is so tender that it almost melts under the crackling crust. Few or many, family, friends or work - everyone is welcome! Just remember to book well in advance if you want to secure a certain date.

If you choose to have your party at home or in a place without a restaurant, you can still experience some of Thorbjørnrud by ordering food from our catering. You are guaranteed local, clean produce - and flavours that rise to the occasion.

See more about our catering here!



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