The brewery

The brewery

What would the food-hotel Thorbjørnrud be without the love for good drink? Part of the point of doing what we do is that we get to play a lot, indulge in our food enthusiasm - and explore how we can bring out the best in our ingredients to make the tastes work together in the hotel restaurant. Brewing beer in-house gives us infinitely many more possibilities for finding tastes that go well together. Welcome to one of Norway's very few hotel breweries!

Thorbjørnrud Hotel Brewery
Our little brewery is the baby of Hotel Owner, Kjetil. After countless years serving as Olav Lie-Nilsen's faithful soldier, both in the local food initiative and in the operation of the hotel, Kjetil needed a place where he could close the door behind him and let the bumble brew. Not only to cultivate his pronounced beer enthusiasm, but also to have some fun during working hours without too much interference from Olav.

Thorbjørnrud Saison
Thorbjørnrud Gårdsøl (Saison) is an over fermented beer brewed for old traditions from both Belgium and Norway. The beer is fruity with spices and low bitterness. Kjetil and his co-brewer Lars Ruud, who is the architect behind this beer, has succeeded in making a beer that fits the menus at Thorbjørnrud. We would like to serve it to the soups and our cheeses, but the beer is also very nice by itself, without any hesitation.

Thorbjørnrud Malt
Kjetil also dreams of brewing a whole-Norwegian beer. The Norwegian Gårdsøl, or Malt, as it is also called, is a truly unique and a whole-Norwegian beer culture that is not copied from any other country. The recipes, and not least the yeast (Norwegian Farmhouse yeast), used have survived generations around on the farms in Western Norway in particular. Testing and obtaining Norwegian raw materials is in progress, so we will let you know when we have something ready!



The Beer Hotel
For all beer enthusiasts who want or plan to visit us; give us a hint before you arrive! You can of course order beer tasting, but if Kjetil is in the house, you may be able to exchange some words and discuss our beer selection with him. We will also invite you to various beer events throughout the year, so follow us on FB for invitations!

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